Paula walked into my life at a time when I needed her the most and I wasn't even looking for a Realtor®. Probate had to close with regard to my Father's estate before I could sell the house, which wouldn't be for another 6 months. Paula waited patiently for the entire 6 months while still checking on me, the Probate process, and if I needed any help from her from time to time. Once Probate closed and the house could be placed on the market, Paula hit the ground running with renovations, staging, and marketing - without any hesitation. Paula exceeded my expectations once the Greenlight was given. No trials or issues during this process. Paula constantly would send updates on the progress of the house with regard to Vendors, Marketing, Offers, and the Closing of Escrow. Paula is very knowledgeable and honest about the entire House Selling process, which I very much appreciated having this being my 1st house to sell and not having a clue about the process. She is very mindful of the entire experience and involved parties. I would recommend Paula to anybody.

Josh F.

Well, this was just fantastic. There was an 'aura' that this was going to go well during the first meeting. And it exceeded expectations even of that. There were trials and tough areas to navigate, but we stayed in our "gold zone" and continued to work collaboratively to get things done through-ought the buying process. The support and introductions to locals that can help with almost any aspect of homeownership were a surprise and a huge asset. Having Paula on my team meant having an inside angle on any specialty needed to get things done for the home buying or home improvement processes. Post-closing, she was just exceptional in helping me get the 'final touches' taken care of when moving into the house. The little things that would fall through the cracks and create move-in frustrations she's so mindful of the entire experience. When most other people wave goodbye after the ink has dried and the dollar exchanged, Paula's still there. She even brought dinner for my first night in the house.

Ray L.

It's difficult to decide on where to start when describing Paula. Do I point out the tremendous depth and scope of her expertise in handling all the crucial details of a successful real estate transaction? Or should I highlight her professionalism and charm as she guides all parties towards a path of success for her clients? Maybe it would be most important to focus on Paula's seemingly endless energy as she works tirelessly towards optimal results for her clients. As I think of Paula and consider all she has done for me in handling all my real estate needs I come to a clear conclusion. What truly separates Paula from other excellent Realtors® is her genuine and sincere understanding of a client's concerns, questions, and goals. Paula cares about her clients which is evident from the moment you meet her to when you smile after a great transaction. If you are considering the service of a Realtor® I highly recommend Paula.


I don't even know where to begin to describe how amazing Paula Rose is. I am a public school teacher who was looking to buy a house in a highly competitive seller's market; the outlook wasn't good for me and my middle-class salary. Paula expertly guided me towards houses I could afford, and, once I got an offer accepted, helped me through every step of the process. The escrow process was excruciating, but Paula was amazing in talking with the lender and keeping everyone appraised about what happening. She is a luxury market specialist, but she showed incredible dedication in helping regular old me get a home for my family. If I could give her 10 zillion stars, I would. My kids and I now have a forever home, and I can continue to teach my students in the city that I love.

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